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Dr. Peng: "cloud - pipe - device" integration to "cloud - edge - device" collaboration

IDC estimates that by 2020, there will be over 50 billion terminals and devices connected to the network worldwide, of which more than 50% of data needs to be stored, processed and analyzed at the edge of the network. Gartner predicts that by 2022, edge computing will be essential for all digital services. Since the beginning of 2018, the three major Chinese carriers, and Huawei have been all actively pushing forward the research on mobile edge computing (MEC) based on 5G. At MWC 2019 this year, China Mobile and China Unicom had respectively released the white paper on MEC.


The 5G concept continues to be a hot topic Strategic transformation Dr. Peng Group gains significant results

The year of 2019 officially marks the beginning of the 5G era. The latest statistics show that there are up to 11 operators around the world announcing to launch 5G services. As a key technology that will enable smart connection of all things around the world in the future, 5G, featuring high speed, low latency, and large connectivity will bring about changes in terms of both consumer experience, production methods and social management.


Dr. Peng upholds communication services as the entry point to empower the industrial development in the 5G era

It will be the first year of 5G popularization this year. The imminent 5G revolution shall facilitate a new round of growth across the whole mobile Internet. Miao Wei, minister of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), said on January 10 the government would this year initiate 5G commercial popularization.


Cui Hang: cloud network and local maintenance are Dr. Peng's magic weapons in transformation

January 2, 2019, China's largest private value-added telecom operator - Dr. Peng declared the company had spent 400 million yuan to buy back a total of 39,728,000 shares, accounting for 2.77% of its total equity.


Dr. Peng allied with ANB to empower traditional industries

As the largest private telecom value-added service provider and listed company in China, Dr. Peng applied its forward-looking insight into industry trends to integrate superior resources since August 2018, featuring "a cloud, a network, and a group of people".


Awarded with Star of Year for Enterprise Responsibility in Capital Market, Dr. Peng Group accelerated the transformation to facilitate upgrading of the industry Internet

On December 26, 2018, the "Economic Observer" sponsored the Work Together - the 4th (2018) Capital Market IRM Summit Forum hosted by the Economic Observer was held in Beijing.


Four major advantages of three major scenarios - Dr. Peng Cloud Network provides high-speed and stable DCI network services for data centers in enterprises

Along with the rapid development of industries such as e-commerce, finance, video, live broadcast, online education domestically, various companies have performed layout of data centers for construction and leasing to meet the growing business demands.


Dr. Peng - a watchman of the future battlefield of data center

Upon world changes, there'd be always a kind of people who, when the public look away, or move out, escape or chase something new, would choose to stand fast to the ground, and to keep concerning, experiencing, and thinking - these are the watchmen.


A drive engine for digital transformation - how does Dr. Peng cloud network empower enterprises to ride on cloud

Today, we must admit that Internet is changing the layout of every industry. Traditional enterprises have to embrace reform and innovation one after another on the digital tide, to broaden the sales channels, improve the internal efficiency, and improve the user experience.